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Wednesday 28 August 2013

Potatoes and Onions - organizing my home in little bits :)

I'm returning to this blog after AGES!! The past many months have been occupied with becoming a first-time mom, bringing up a newborn into toddler-hood and now waiting to become mom again in winter 2013. But in the meanwhile, I've been organizing my little home in little bits and bobs, trying my best to make things happen on as tiny-a-budget as possible. I love being scrimpy ... I'm good that way :P

One of the best investments I made in the recent past was a supply of clear ID card sleeves and zip ties. Now I can go label-crazy on anything and everything wheeee!!!

So one of the things driving me crazy was this tiny shelf in my little kitchen cupboard where I kept my potatoes and onions. Things were always getting muddled and messy as you can see. Here's a "before" of things.... not something I'm proud of ...

Burlap sacks holding my onions and potatoes. Ho-hum.
But then, inspiration hit after browsing some Pinterest pins. And so I bought a couple of mesh magazine holders from Amazon. A pair of print-outs and some zip-tie magic later ... here's the after....

Magazine files from Amazon. Happy days :D 
Ta-daaaa!!!! See? Aren't things a lot better? :D These magazine holders are quite sturdy with a non-scratch base. The mesh made it easy peasy to thread the zip-ties through and the little finger holes make it easy to pull out the storage and see exactly how much supplies I have left. Well done Me!!!

Things would probably look a lot better if the label prints could be in colour ... but I ran out of printer cartridge ink. Boo. Ah well ... I'll get to it another day. As for now, hurray!!!

What do you think of this storage idea? Happy organizing!!