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Thursday 25 August 2011

Follow-up: Today's Crafting Project

It worked, yayyyy!!! I managed to turn part of our ugly old curtain into a fully functional 9-pocket shoe organiser!!! (9 pockets? Are DH and I missing a foot between the two of us? Nawwwh. But that was all the space I had ... hehehee!)

The good news: it was pretty easy for me to put together .... which means it must be REAlly easy for all you who know how to sew already.

We managed to hammer the nails in place to hang the organiser inside the cloaks cupboard and it stores shoes like a dream! (It's still that awful ugly-curtain print but at least now we can appreciate its functionality rather than hate the print :P)

So I've decided to make an identical organiser and hang it inside the other door of the cupboard so we can have lots of efficiently utilised space. (More room for winter boots in the cupboard as well before the chills approach in a coupla months.)

Tutorial coming soon!


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