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Tuesday 23 August 2011

Today's Crafting Project

So it was about time I finally took the plunge and made a shoe organiser for our coat cupboard. There's a huge mess in there ... and our tiny shoe rack is of little use. And no matter how badly you want to, you will never see the inside of that cupboard in my lifetime (unless I spruce it up and get it to look all neat and pretty .... **mental note to add to my future projects list**)

I've been working on a homemade hanging shoe organiser all day today. Couple the long hours with my almost-next-to-nothing sewing skills and a very pregnant belly, it's not been the easiest of rides. Grrrr .... :-X

Butttttt .... today's motto is just stay calm and sew. I'm nearly there, it's almost over.

And even though I've recycled an ugly old curtain to create my organiser, if it turns out successfully (fingers crossed!!) I'll post a tutorial up here soon.

Watch this space and wish me luck!!


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